Jul 16, 2017


Happy Sunday!!! A special post zips right on in with great news but first a whats going on to my family and friends and followers thank you all so much. By now a lot of you all know I have transitioned to the new and powerful 2017 Kia Soul Exclaim Turbo loaded with all the bells & whistles.

Wow! What Kia chose to do for the Turbo Soul is truly amazing! Linear power and torque through the entire powerband with accessories like red front door bottle lights and LED puddle lights under each door. The exterior redesign is perfect and the sound system with the panoramic sunroof is to die for. 

8' Inch screen with vivid navigation and LEDs inside and out. Totally a box masterpiece. Visibility is great and blind spot detection plus rear cross traffic alert work perfectly. The seats and material inside are comfy yet sporty as well. 

You just cant go wrong and I am always lookin to go rollin. Which leads to the jewel the 201hp turbo engine with dual clutch seven speed transmission pumpin' 195 lb ft of torque. A marriage made in heaven and Turbo mode compliments both smoothly & effortlessly. Titania has 700+ miles on her now. I love everything about her every detail.

To get to this point I am blessed no doubt and always grateful and thankful. A long journey with all kinds of ups and downs. That is what growing your inner Soul is all about. Good and bad. Negative and positive. 

This is just the beginning. Check out a few of my pics and thank you for your kind words, wisdom and all. With faith & determination you will get there. Enjoy.

(Photos by M. J. P.)

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