May 23, 2017

||| TKSB: 2017 KIA SOUL TURBO 1.6L: 0-60 TEST, 0-100 TEST (3 VIDEOS) ||| ...

Back at ya with some awesome videos of the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo 1.6 Liter testing the 0 to 60 mph in seconds and testing the 0 to 100 mph in seconds Tha Kia Soul Blog fam!

I hope everyone is doing well and I must say May has brought the usual rainy stormy season but I am not complaining as I love driving my personal 2016 Soul Base in any weather safely of course. My enjoyment continues as my ownership has been nothing short of pure satisfaction.

That said I wanted to jump into the vids of the 17 Soul Turbo. To understand the Turbo one must test drive (including me) but we can get a idea here of what it can do.

The 2017 Turbo Soul was never meant to be a sports car box on wheels but rather a ride with a perfected exterior now with the matching perfected power for everyday life on the roads.

I am drawn to the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo and find it very rewarding for what it offers vs price point. The reviews have raved over this motor and transmission that is shared with the likes of the Kia Forte Turbo and others.

As the Kia Soul moves towards a whole new design exterior and interior wise for what looks like the 2019 model year the 2017-2018 Soul may have reached its ultimate level before all-wheel drive and even more power is added.

Check out the 3 videos below and decide for yourself. Thanks for your follows, comments and questions. Enjoy.

              2017 Kia Soul Turbo 1.6L

                             0-60 mph

                            0-100 mph

                             0-60 mph

(Photo & Video Credits: Kia of Lansdale PA, Genadiy Ivken, MK Automotive & Дмитрий Афонин ProАвто)

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Another great post, keep up the great work. Your words really show your admiration for the Soul and Kia as a brand.

May 23, 2017 at 1:55 PM delete

@BL4Z3 A: Thanks bro I really appreciate the support!