May 9, 2017

:':':': THA KIA SOUL BLOG: MY 2016 KIA SOUL BASE UPDATE (4 PICS) :':':': ...

Hey there Tha Kia Soul friends, family and fanatics! I hope everyone is doing well this Tuesday! Off the top I cannot believe I did not post at all this past April 2017. Well, lets jump in and get up to date.

With almost 5700 miles on my 2016 Base Soul I can continue to feel the 1.6 liter engine breaking in and she still has that new car smell after 9 whole months of ownership. A rock solid car indeed.

The ride and cornering is really good for the Soul and inside the cabin is comfortable and quiet. Even the Base Soul sound system is really nice and I have definitely got some of my neighbors attention a few times when I crank out the tunes.

Even with the unique front end the paint is very durable and I only have 2 nicks that are minor. It is not hard to see why the Soul is such a awesome ride from inside to out. The awards and accolades are truly deserving of the Kia Soul.

24 city 30 hwy and everything in between those numbers for mixed driving is very nice for back road drives with scenic views. The Soul also has a special love for the winding back roads and is surprisingly agile and up to the challenge.

My overall ownership continues to be that of success and brightens my day always when I get in and drive. Very very satisfied with my purchase and Kia Motors.

Stay tuned for all things Kia Soul and thank you all as always for your comments, questions and following me. 4 of my Soul pics below. Enjoy.

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